Welcome to Mount Gravatt Photographic Society

The Mount Gravatt Photographic Society is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We are the largest photography club in Queensland, currently having about one hundred fifty members.

The club provides two regular meetings a month which include competition judging with accredited photographic judges, workshops, guest speakers and demonstrations. Visitors are always welcome. Group activities range from half-day outings to weekends at ideal photographic locations in South-East Queensland and North-East New South Wales. All members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to participate if they can. The club also has informal subgroups including Monochrome Group, National/Internationals Group, Beginners Group and a Digital Photography Group, that usually meet once a month.

Tips from our A grade members

Ron Sharples
Learn your camera; Take your time and do not hurry; Don’t let others feel you need to hasten just because they are finished; Remember, if you miss the photo there is another one around the corner; Look around and move with the light and the subject; Don’t take hundreds of photos, just take your best.

Rodney Topor
Study classical and modern art, great photos in books, galleries, websites; Try new subjects and techniques; be obsessive about composition, lighting and detail. Make effort to get to interesting locations at interesting times. Enter competitions. Take workshops; Watch photographers at work. Practise, practise, practise.

Gang Wei
Identify and pay attention to what you feel and use your camera to express that feeling with the help of various techniques you learnt. The feeling within the first second or two when you see your subject is very important. It’s the beginning of your unique photo. Don’t ignore it.

Tim Czajkowski
Read everything you can; Buy the best equipment you can afford; Don’t skimp on a tripod. Ever; Finally–shoot as much as you can.

Ken Dickson
Make photos – don’t take photos; Stop and think about the photo you are making, what message do you want to convey to the viewer? Then make your photo tell that story.
John Leslie
Never get so engrossed in the technicalities of taking a photo so that it stops being a fun activity. Look at what you are going to photograph and think what made me want to photograph this. Then don’t just stop at taking one, try to photograph it from every possible angle.

"You don’t take a photograph, you make it."

Ansel Adams