The club runs monthly print and digital competitions for members in A Gold, A, AB and B Grades. The set subject focus changes each month but members may also submit an image into an open category.

Therefore, members can submit up to four images in any month.

The club also conducts annual print and digital competitions for members in the combined A-grades and the combined non-A-grades.

Details for the Annual competition are outlined here.

The Annual competition is held each year in November and winners are announced at the Christmas party in Dec

Annual competition

Submission procedures (Monthly and Annual competitions)

Digital projected images (either colour or monochrome): Entries need to be submitted via electronic upload system

Print images (either colour or monochrome): Mounted prints and B-Grade small prints need to be delivered in person at the appropriate club meeting (refer to the following Schedule of set subjects). In addition, members are also required to submit a digital copy of their print entries via the electronic upload system

The digital copy of the mounted print will be projected at the judging meeting thereby giving members, particularly those at the rear of the hall, a better view of the image and understanding of the judges’ feedback

Digital copies of these print entries will also be submitted via the MGPS electronic upload system.

On the MGPS Digital Competition Submission page members now need to activate the relevant radio button (Digital Competition or Print Competition) to indicate the type of entry.

Once the images for that competition category are entered you will need to exit the system (return to Competitions page) before returning to the MGPS Digital Competition Submission page to complete the other competition category (Digital Competition or Print Competition).

That is, submit your Digital projected competition entries, exit the system, re-enter the system and enter your Print copy images, or vice versa.

Secondly due to Social distancing ,to minimise handling ,members will need to complete the print details on a form attached ,place the prints and the completed form inside a plastic bag prior to delivering it to the meeting.

Click here to view Monthly Award Images.

Competition Schedule 2024

2024 comp schedule 1